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Fitting Electric Fan

An electric fan is a good idea to help keep your cooling system cool with today’s traffic, it is nice to be in control. The old fan is noisy, not that good at cooling, uses horsepower to turn and uses wastes fuel. The fan I used is from an Austin Maestro/Montego and just fits in, bolting to the cars radiator panel at one end and a simple bracket the other. I connected with a switch on the dash and a relay, you could fit a Kenlowe fan type thermostatic switch if you prefer.

Alpine electric fan

More Air Flow

Stuck in a traffic jam temperature rising? To increase air flow under the bonnet just carry two pieces of 3/4 inch diameter car heater hose approximately 2-3 inches long, while stationary open the bonnet and slip the two pieces of hose on the two bonnet stops next to the scuttle panel, result the hot air trapped under the bonnet can escape, once clear pull over and remove.

Tiger Cooling

Three Core Radiator

If funds allow have a Hillman Hunter three row core soldered into your radiator as the two rows are only just ok.

More Tech Tips

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