More Immobilizer Help

Key Fob Not Working Immobilizer Problems

Remote control key fob not working, make sure battery on car is not flat (bright headlights) if ok check fob battery, should be 3v if ok, press buttons with battery removed (to discharge stored electricity ) refit battery unlock car with key and press lock button 4 times, it should lock by the fourth press.

Rover MG key fob

How to Enter Security Code to Start Car

If the remote still won't work and you have the 4 digit security code, you can input it with the driver’s door lock like opening a safe, with the car locked, if code is 4567 you first turn the key to the unlock position 4 times, then 5 times to the lock position, then 6 times to the unlock, then 7 times to the lock position, then unlock car and start car straight away. If the code has worked the immobilizer LED will not be flashing and central locking will work. You will have to enter code every time you start car until remote is fixed.

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