Five Basic Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

A motorcycle, much like a car or any other vehicle, requires some TLC. It is a sad fact that no machine can last forever, but if a few simple checks and procedures are adhered to, there should be no reason why your motorbike should not have a long and powerful innings. Whilst we would still recommend visiting a garage to service your bike regularly, we’ve put together five simple motorcycle maintenance tips to help you keep your bike in the best shape in between routine motorcycle inspections.

Firstly, cleaning your motorcycle regularly is not just a vanity related pastime; it could actually prolong your bike’s life. When you consider just how dirty a car can get on a short journey, a motorbike does not have the same level of protection as a car against these elements. Grime and grease can build up in areas where their very presence can cause damage. A quality degreasing agent can help remove this unwanted build up and, as obvious as it might sound, making sure that your brakes and suspension systems are clean and clear should be a priority.

Secondly, as is the case for car owners, ensuring that your tyres are filled to the specified amount can not only help keep your motorcycle in tip top condition, it can also save your life! Tyres can become unsafe if either over or under filled so check your air pressure once a week or every time you fill up for petrol. Not only can checking your tyres prevent accidents, by ensuring that your pressure is correct, you will also reduce any risks of poor handling and fuel wastage. Tyres are prone to degradation over the winter season, so make sure that you make final checks before getting back on your bike in spring.

Another important aspect which any motorcycle enthusiast should consider is their add-ons. Many motorbike owners are fond of adding additional parts to their bike and, though tricking out your machine is not a problem in itself, ensuring that these extra trinkets are up to scratch can be a hugely valuable procedure. So, if you are looking to give your beloved motorcycle a bit of extra personality, make sure that the pieces you seek are in working order as this will reduce unnecessary wear and tear.

Tip number four is another simple but hugely important one; check your manual. If your motorcycle is a new purchase, ensuring that you do not surpass the recommended revs, speed or mileage over the first few weeks of ownership can be essential. Breaking a new motorbike in correctly can often make the difference between a long lasting relationship and an over-worked and nearly knackered machine and every recommended limit can be found in your manual.

Frustratingly, the best tip of all where motorcycle maintenance is concerned is barely a tip; just ride! Unless you’re a professional, if you constantly tinker and play with your machine in order to improve it, you could easily do more damage than good so just enjoy the ride!

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