Cam Belt Replacement

Cambelt Change?

When should I change my Cambelt?
What is the recommended mileage and age to change your cam belt?

EGR Problems

EGR Problems

Rough running, Stalling and Smoking?
Engine Management Light On?
EGR valve could be sticking

Worn Gear Linkage

Worn Gear Linkage?

We make heavy duty metal replacement gear links for most Vauxhalls
Simple Direct Replacement

Worn Wiper Linkage

Worn Wiper Linkage?

If you wiper linkage keeps popping of we have a low cost repair
No need to replace the linkage

Non start

Car not Starting?

We show you how to diagnose most problems from a flat battery to a engine sensor

Alternator Not Charging

Battery Light On?

This normally means that the battery is not being charged by the alternator.
We show you how to test it


Testing Relays

We show you how they work and how to test and bypass them

Adjusting double glazed doors

Latest Videos

We have made many videos from resetting a service light to checking a crankshaft position sensor (CPS)

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