Windscreen Damage

The first thing to do is to remove all the silicon sealant from the shower. I prefer to remove the shower enclosure from the tray and take it outside of the bathroom to clean and remove the sealant, this a time consuming job but if you do the job right the first time you won’t be doing it again in 6 months time, you can get silicon removers, which help but are quite expensive.

Windscreen Damage MOT

What Damage Would Fail the MOT? MOT test info

Zone A- Damage larger than 10mm could fail

Zones B & C- Damage larger than 40mm could fail

The MOT testers manual says “any damage not contained within a circle of 10mm” so a cluster of minor damage could also fail

Repairing Windscreens

British Standard BSAU242a 1998 which states that :

Zone A- Any damage smaller than 10mm can be repaired

Zone B- Any damage smaller than 15mm can be repaired

Zone C- Any damage smaller than 25mm can be repaired

Zone D-Any damage smaller than 40mm can be repaired

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