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Non Start

Jaguars will flood quite easy if moved short distances and not warmed up in cold weather. If you realise you have flooded it, try holding accelerator fully open, if this does not work, you will have to remove the fuel pump fuse, normally in boot fuse box, hold accelerator fully open, car should start and stop, replace fuse and try restarting. If still no luck the only way is remove spark plugs.

Gear Lever Stuck In Park

Later Jaguars can get stuck in park if you don't use the parking brake on steep hills, if stuck you need to either push/tow car uphill an inch or so, or chock wheels and jack up one of the rear wheels releasing brake when jacked, be very careful with either of these methods and don't try on your own without help to apply brakes, if car starts to roll.

EOBD/OBD Socket Location Index

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