Fitting Vehicle Batteries

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1. Don't smoke battery gasses very explosive.
2. Put on old clothes, battery acid loves to eat holes in jeans.
3. Find the best tools you can, battery terminals need to be tight, very difficult with an adjustable spanner.
4. Always start with the negative (-) terminal and finish with the negative (-). The reason for this is, if you touch any part of the cars metal (-) while touching the positive (+) terminal you will get a spark, this can cause the battery to explode, so follow this simple rule and you will be safe.
5. Try to find if there are any reset procedures for remote key fobs after disconnecting the battery, Rover has one for example.
6. Try to push the terminals down the battery post as far as possible (Fully loosen bolts) the post are tapered and the terminals will clamp tighter if pushed fully down.
7. Make sure the battery is fully clamp down, otherwise it will move when driving and damage cables or short out.

Remove Negative Terminal First Then Positive

Negative Battery Terminal

Batteries Normally Have One Bolt Holding Them

Battery Clamp

Some Batteries Have Small Posts and May Have Removable Sleeves

Car Battery Posts

Battery all Fitted

Positive Battery Terminal

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