Alfa Romeo

147 156 159 Brera GTV Spider

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Non Start or Cut Out

Inertia Switch

Non start or cut out, many Alfa’s have an inertia fuel pump shut off switch which may have tripped. The switch is located under passenger seat and may be tripped by slamming door or moving passenger seat back hard.

Corroded Relay’s

Alfas often have relays under bonnet that can suffer from corrosion, remove one at a time, clean connections with WD40. Fuel pump relay may have red cross on top. See relays for testing.


Non start key not recognized microchip maybe in wrong position due to dropping the keys, open the key fob and make sure chip is in the slot at front of the fob.

Dealer Trick

A little trick which might get you out of trouble in a non-start situation is to remove the multi-plug on the airflow meter near the air filter this will cause the vehicle to go into limp home and will then hopefully start and allow you to get home.

EOBD/OBD Socket Location Index

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