911 / Boxster / Cayenne / Cayman

Battery Flat Can’t Open Bonnet

911 and Boxster's etc., have electric bonnet catches, if the battery is flat you can't open to jump start or charge the battery, luckily Porsche have provided a positive post in the fuse box next to the accelerator pedal for this problem, there should be paper instructions in the fuse box on how to open bonnet.

Porsche 911 Jump Start

How to Open Porsche Bonnet

If not this is how to open the bonnet only, important don't turn ignition on yet, pull out positive post (power input) in middle of fuse box, connect red jump lead or battery charger, then connect black negative lead to any point on body (door check strap see picture) you can then use remote or switch on sill, to open bonnet and then jump start in recommended way.

Porsche fuse box


Porsche Jump leads
Porsche 911 Battery Position

EOBD/OBD Socket Location Index

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