Breakdown Cover

Which Breakdown Organization Is The Best?

It’s a good idea to join a breakdown organization but I would only recommend joining either the AA or RAC because they carry diagnostic code readers which are needed to work on modern cars and carry common parts which often fail. The other garage based organizations have very little diagnostic equipment or parts on board, so are less likely to fix your car and more likely to tow you, so a couple of pound saved in the beginning might cost you more in the long run (in labour charges) plus the inconvenience of waiting for the car to be fixed.

What Level Of Cover Do I Need?

As with any insurance the more you pay the better the cover, below I have listed the basics.

Basic Cover (Roadside)

This will normally be roadside assistance (0.25mile from home) plus a local tow (up to 10mile) if they can't get you going.

At Home Cover/Home Start

This will give you assistance at you home address and a local tow


This will recover your car home or to a garage, normally to anywhere in the UK

Onward Travel/Stay Mobile

If you vehicle can't be repaired, you could use either, alternative travel (taxi, rail etc.), car hire (Up to 72 hours) or night in hotel

European Cover

This will cover you for the above anywhere in Europe.

Getting a Better Deal

As with any insurance, when the renewal comes in get a quote from their competitors, assuming it is less, ring them up they won't want you to leave and will give you a discount

Breakdown Cover from a Bank

These are normally good value if you need all the items in the package (travel insurance etc.) but make sure you are getting the breakdown cover you need, as some only have basic roadside assistance, and you don't want to find out you don't have recovery when your 100 miles from home.

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