Stalling, Cutting out or Fast Tick Over

What I mean is stalling when you come up to junction etc. may also kangaroo or tick over fast. This normally is the idle control valve.

The purpose of the idle control valve is to provide air to the intake of the engine when the throttle butterfly is shut, this keeps engine is idling. The ECU controls this valve which should give you a nice smooth idle.

However these can stick shut due to being worn or just need cleaning. The pictures below show how easy you can clean them if this does not work you will probably need to replace the valve.

Note the EGR valve can also cause stalling rough running.

First Locate the Idle Control Valve

Ford KA idle control valve

Picture above of Ford KA Idle control Valve.

Daewoo Idle control valve

Picture above of Daewoo matix Idle control Valve.

You now need to clean the valve with carburettor cleaner, you will see from the pictures, sometimes the ports are part of the valve and sometimes they are part of the inlet manifold. You need to clean the ports and the valve seat, as well as you can, you may need to let it soak for a while, if possible blow clean with compress air.

Ford KA Idle control valve


Daewoo idle control valve


Daewoo Idle control valve

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