Ford Transit Problems

Service Light Reset

Transit No Throttle

No throttle, glow plug light flashing, turn engine off and on, van then runs ok, is normally throttle pedal sensor (like Scalextric controller tells computer you want to go faster). The only cure is to replace the throttle pedal sensor.

Transit Throttle Pedal

Loss of All Battery Power

Ford Transits from 2000 have a fused earth lead next to battery under driver’s seat, these can blow due to starting van in gear, or faulty starter motor pulling too much current (over 200amps see starter motor tests), as a temporary repair you can remove lead and solder fuse back together, this will probably only work if you started the van in gear, as a faulty starter motor will probably blow it again.

Transit earth lead soldered
Transit earth lead

Fitting Door Mirrors

Later Transit mirrors are held on with shear bolts, click here for how to remove.

Smoking Diesels

TDCI engines can start smoking (black smoke) and loose power due to EGR (Exhaust Gas Recalculation) valve sticking, try removing pipe or connector and then gently tap valve to get valve to close, you may need to leave disconnected until valve is replaced(see EGR page), this will leave Engine Management light on.

Temperature Sensor (CUT OUT)

Later Ford's measure the temperature of the metal as opposed to the coolant, if the engine overheats the computer will shut down the engine to prevent damage, but if the sensors goes faulty (e.g. In the red) the car will not start or stop.

Cuts out and Restarts

Later Diesels are fitted with DMF (Dual Mass Flywheels) flywheels.
These are two flywheels joined together by springs and dampers to smooth out vibration, however they wear and under load they distort, moving the flywheel away from or hit the CPS (Crankshaft Position Sensor) losing power and maybe cutting out, the vehicle will probably then restart as normal, a new and expensive flywheel is the only cure.

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