Grinding Noise When Braking

More brake help

If you hear a grinding noise when braking, your brake pads are probably worn out, check disc for scoring see picture. Note! some brake pads have an audible low pad warning device, this is a strip of sprung steel that rubs on disc brake (making noise) when brake pad lining is very low.
Some times a stone can get caught behind the disc, try reversing the vehicle, if you are lucky it will fall out. 

Worn brake pads

I now reposition the enclosure in the back on the tray, but do not re-fit the screws. I now put two lines of masking tape either side of the shower enclosure, I then carefully wedge the enclosure up off the tray to allow me to apply a line of silicon sealant between the lines of masking tape only along the edges, not at the corners we only want to seal these from the outside (see lower picture for reason).

Sealing Shower Tray

We can now lower the enclosure back onto the tray re-fit the screws and remove excess silicon and tidy up the remaining. We now need to seal the corners from the outside, don’t seal on the inside of the corners, this will allow any water that has got between the sides and the corners to run out into the tray and not get trapped or seep out (see picture).

Sealing Shower

Finished Shower sealed with high quality silicon sealant.

Shower Finished

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