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Removing Rear Hubs

Using a Mini/Metro Flywheel Puller

I think I have been lucky but I have always managed to remove my rear hubs using a Mini/Metro flywheel puller, its a 4 hole Sykes Pickavant No 085101, see picture.
Some only have 3 holes and would not work.

Alpine Rear Hub Puller


The correct Rootes Group service tool is RG188A made by VL Churchill, see picture.

Alpine Hub puller  CHURCHILL  PART NO RG188A

Using a Hydraulic Press

I think the easiest way to remove them if seized, is to remove the half shafts complete with brake back-plates etc. and have them pressed off using a hydraulic press at the local machine shop.
You may need a slide hammer if the bearings are tight in axle casting.

More Tech Tips

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