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Adjusting Vauxhall Gear Linkages

Most Vauxhall’s gear linkages are very easy to adjust, if you can’t reverse or fifth gear correctly.

Loosen the Adjustment Bolt

From underneath the car loosen the locking bolt on the shaft from the gear lever with a male T50 Torx bit.

Astra gear linkage

Locking the Gear lever

Remove the gear stick gaiter and insert a screwdriver down through the gear lever and into the locating hole, this will hold the gear lever in the correct position.

Vauxhall link fitting instructions

Locking the Gear Selector

Vauxhall link fitting instructions

Locate the button on the gearbox selector housing, while wigging the linkage push the button in, let go of the linkage and the button will stay in, as shown in picture below.

Vauxhall link fitting instructions

Finishing the Adjustment

Retighten the locking bolt, remove the screwdriver and rock the gear lever, the button will spring out and your gear linkage is fully adjusted.

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