Doors Keep Unlocking Peugeot 307 (2001-2007)

Doors unlock immediately after locking, dash board display may say the boot is open with engine running. Boot lock is broken and is telling the locking system that the boot is open and will not allow the car to be locked.

How to Lock the Car

The only way you can lock the car until the boot lock is repaired, is with the driver’s door shut and passenger door open remove the central locking fuse (fuse box in glove box) in the time between the doors locking and unlocking.
First remove the fuse and hold it against the contacts, lock doors and remove the fuse as soon as the doors lock, you may have to have a couple of goes before you remove the fuse at the correct moment, make sure you have the keys in your hand before closing passenger door, you can now only unlock the driver’s door with the key the remote will not work, if you need to open the other doors you will have to refit the fuse.

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