More Immobilizer Help

Toyota Alarm/Immobilizer Problems

Keyless Entry

If the battery in the keyless entry remote goes flat or you are in a area of heavy radio interference hold the remote control next to the start button the car should then start.

Note there is an emergency key in the remote, you can insert it in the door handle once you have clip off the plastic cover to unlock the car.

Alarm Sounding

If alarm sounding and remote control key fob not working, open car with key alarm will sound, start car alarm will stop and go into standby, you can then use car until fixed, it will go of every time you open car.

Steering Lock Jammed

Keyless entry, if parked with wheels turned or against kerb etc. You may have to rock steering wheel or turn against load on tyres as engine is started to allow steering lock to disengage

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