More key & remote programing


1. Remove the lower crash panel (usually the piece of trim below the steering wheel & above the pedals) and locate the Remote control receiver unit. If it is not there, try behind the small piece of trim in front of the door opening (often referred to as the kick panel).
2. The switch on the side of the unit should be switched to the SET position.
3. Press the Door lock button or unlock button on the Transmitter quickly.
4. Return the switch to OFF position and then test remote control.

Programming remotes on 16 pin OBD Systems

1. Locate the small black box below the steering column for remote function.
2. Remove the small piece of tape to uncover a hole with a switch inside.
3. With the ignition on, move the switch to the SET position.
4. Press the button on ALL remotes needed for the vehicle.
5. Return the switch to the OFF position.
6. Switch off the ignition and test all remotes.

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