Land Rover

Land Rover 1996 (Oval Shape)

1. Ensure ignition is OFF, doors unlocked, bonnet switch closed.
2. Ensure procedure from 3 to 9 is completed within 8 seconds.
3. Switch Ignition ON
4. Switch Ignition OFF
5. Lock Doors and Unlock Doors
6. Release Bonnet Switch
7. Switch Ignition ON
8. Switch Ignition OFF
9. If alarm is set, horn will sound and LED with light. Now programming of plips can be completed.
10. Press and hold down button on plip until LED flashes.
11. Repeat for additional plips.
12. The dash LED will extinguish if both plips have been programmed successfully.

2002 Models (BMW Remote In Key)

1. With the doors shut and from inside the vehicle.
2. Turn ignition to position 1 and back to off within 5 seconds
3. Remove key from ignition and press and hold the unlock button (has an arrow on it) for 15 seconds during this time press the key lock button (has Land Rover logo) 3 times within 5 seconds
4. Release both buttons
5. Doors will lock and unlock to show correct programming has occurred

Freelander (With Rover Type 2 Button Remote)

Unlock the car using the key, then operate the lock button on the handset at least 4 times.


Insert key into lock press lock button and turn key anti-clockwise to the lock position hold and for 5 seconds.
Then press unlock button and turnkey clockwise to the unlock position for 5 seconds, should now be synchronised

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