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Scalextric VW Camper Van with Camera

I wanted to build a hybrid with a Ninco Ferrari F50 and an Ocar VW camper, it would also have a wireless pin hole camera (about £20 from eBay and Digital chip (for Scalextric Sport Digital track).

Scalextric VW Camper Van


Scalextric F50

I cut a lot of the bodywork away from both cars. Made new body and camera mounts.

Scalextric VW Van

Glued with araldite, windows filled with plastic card and filled all the joints with car body filler.

Scalextric VW Camper

Cut new door lines and prepared for top coat.

VW Camper

F1 Scalextric digital chip (smaller than saloon chip), rechargeable 9v battery, camera and socket which connects to the display case plug, switching off the camera and recharging the battery.

Scalextric Digital Camera  car

Finished and ready to make some films.

Scalextric Camera Car

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