More Clutch and Gearbox Problems

Can't Select Gears?

Clutch Pedal Light or on Floor
Gear Lever Normal

Could be caused by failed clutch linkage this could be a broken clutch cable (not many fitted now), failed hydraulics, master cylinder or slave cylinder, check fluid level (may take fluid from brake reservoir) and for leaks, many slave cylinders are fitted inside the gearbox and will drip fluid between engine and gearbox. Broken linkage, check the lever is moving fully on gearbox if you can see it, clutch pedals, clutch release arms and bulkheads can crack with high mileage. Could also be caused by complete clutch assembly failing but this would normally be after some other sign, noise or difficult gear selection.

Clutch fluid leaking between engine and gearbox.

Slave Cylinder Leaking

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