Vehicle Warning Lights

Here is a basic list of car warning light symbols; each one has a link to more information. Warning lights are either ‘Red’ Stop as soon as possible or ‘Amber’ stop at next service station.

Engine management warning light Engine Management Warning Light (click for info)

Glow plug warning light Glow Plug Warning Light (Diesel Engines click for info)

Diesel Particulate Filter Warning light Diesel Particulate Filters DPF(click for info)

Vauxhall spanner warning light Vauxhall Spanner Warning Light(click for info)

Battery charging warning light Battery Charging Light(click for info)

Brake warning light Brake Warning Light(click for info)

Brake pad warning light Brake Pad Wear Warning Light(click for info)

ABS Warning light ABS Warning Light(click for info)

Oil pressure warning light Oil Pressure Warning Light(click for info)

Oil level warning light Oil Level Low Warning Light(click for info)

Overheating warning light Coolant Temperature Warning Light(click for info)

Water in diesel warning light Water In Fuel Warning Light (click for info)

SRS warning light Airbag Or SRS Warning Light (Supplemental Restraint Systems)(click for info)

ESP ESP Electronic Stability Programme(click for info)

Electric power steering Electric Power Steering(click for info)

Tyre pressures low warning lightTyre Pressures Low(click for info)

Air Filter Blocked Air Filter Blocked

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