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Repairing Vauxhall Zafira A 1999-2005 Wiper Motor Linkage


Our Nissan Repair Channel ATM-NI (watch video)can be used to repair the joints marked with a tick, you will need a junior hack saw, flat file and a round file.

1. Using the hack saw remove the sides of the socket, this will allow the repair channel to slide on.



2. If repairing either of the outer joints (wiper end) you will also need to remove 1mm from the bottom.

3. This can be done using a flat file. Just file a small amount at a time until the channel just slides on.

zafira A wiper linkage


4. The repair channel will need to filed out to 13.5mm using a round file.

wiper linkage


5. Socket and channel prepared. 6. Lubricate the ball and socket before refitting

wiper linkage


7. Slide on the Repair Channel. 8. Insert the split/cotter pin. (Nissan K12 pictures)

wiper linkage


9. Bend over the top out of the way. 10. Joint repaired.

wiper linkage

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