Immobilizer Problems

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Is The Problem The Immobilizer?

Many people blame immobilizers, when it is a battery fault, buzzing noises, relays clicking, dash lights flickering, starter motors sounding like a machine gun are all normally battery problems. If in doubt it is best to try jump starting or swap battery for a known good one

How To Recognise Immobilizer Problems

1. Ignition lights bright, everything working but engine will not turn over.
2. Engine turns over as normal but does not start.
3. Warning light flashing.

What To Do With Micro Chipped Keys (most modern immobilizers)

1. Try different key.
2. Turn Ignition on and off 5-6 times.
3. Turn Ignition on for 5 minutes, turn off and retry.
4. Disconnect Battery for 5 minutes.
5. Disconnect Battery for 5 minutes while disconnected join positive (+) and negative (-) leads together, this will disperse any small electrical charge stored in electronics.
6. Disconnect Battery for 5 minutes and reconnect with ignition key in switch on position.

What to Do with Remote Key Fobs

1. Check batteries in remote.
2. Press button on remote with batteries removed.
3. Disconnect Battery on car for 5 minutes.
4. Hold button down for a few seconds.
5. Hold both buttons down for a few seconds.
6. If in high area of radio interference (ports, supermarket car parks etc.) move car to new location.

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